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Good morning! When we started this blog we had a very different direction of what we wanted to do with it but i am hoping I can use it to have an honest and open conversation with you today

In the early hours of this morning, we discovered a custom design we were developing had been leaked and shared with a competitor who is now selling the fabric for approx $360. Full transparency; a design which had cost us more than $600 to develop without any overhead charges. The said design took 4 weeks of hard work, perfecting, reiterating, developing technique and teaching artisans. 

You might wonder at this point how then are they able to sell the design to another for that cheap? because when a design is stolen or imitated things like research and development which are actually the expensive bulk of creating are not required, the cost of perfecting and iterating the techniques are bypassed, quality and standards are compromised for cheap cost e.t.c

As a textile company who exclusively design it’s own products and release them, we spend a lot of investment on R&D, perfecting designs, running sample as many times as needed to get the design correctly because we believe in producing quality product without compromise and this reflects in our cost.

We worked really hard to develop every product on our page, to create designs that you connect with and to do so ethically and without compromising on our values and standards unfortunately, these acts of imitation and intellectual property theft has been the trend as we grow. we’ve seen different attempts at imitating the Draya Panel, Erivo panel, Jola Panel and most especially the Avina panel, so many uses our images and media content to promote these imitations and deliver cheap quality to client they poach from our comment section but we will not relent because although people can attempt to copy a design, craftsmanship can never be copied and that will continue to set us apart

Original Avina by Us
An imitation of avina by a competitor brand
Original by Ophir
Imitation by another brand

Please note that all products posted on our page are designed exclusively by Ophir and sold exclusively on our website and social media channels @Shop_Ophir across all social media platforms. Any of our design/product you find being sold anywhere else please be assured that it is an imitation and kindly report such activity to us immediately

I can assure you that we will continue to create exciting product that speaks true to our brand and do so as ethically as we can.

Thank you for your support and I hope I can continue to count on it as we progress in the future


Yours in sincerity,

Titilope Owoeye

CEO & Co-founder, Ophir

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